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News 2008~2007



End of 2008 it is time to summary. It was the year of first starts young dogs from "P" litter on shows in baby, puppy and young classes, which were nice judged and started theirs way to Polish Young Champions. Funny this year wasn't shown often, but there,where she was shown she got very nice results. Details informations about shows you can find on pages of particular dogs or in "shows" section. Very nice accent it was ability to taking part in herding tests, which were excellent passed by our blackies. We want to thank all owners for caring, showing and working with their belgians and to judges for nice judging our dogs. We hope that next year we'll see others di Trevi dogs on show ring and maybe on some competitions too. Thanks for sending us photos, news, sharing joyfull and sad moments, for meetings and an ability to see our growing pupps on live. Many thanks to our friends for help, sharing their experience and hearten in difficult moments.
Congratulations and we wish to you all next successes, realise your plans, and the most health and joy from owning our hairly friends. Happy New Year!


  Pompiere was X-rayed. His official result is: Hips HD A/A, Elbows ED 0/0

Shows page was updated


Today dogs from P litter have a first birthday! From this occasion we wish them health, only happy hours, further sport and show successes and we want to thank theirs owners for love, time and work given those black devils :)


Results from shows on september:

National Pastoral Dogs Show-Świerklaniec 13.09.2008
Judge Charlotte Hoier (Danemark)

PRETORIA Di Trevi-junior class-I place , Junior Winner, Best Junior
PHOEBE Di Trevi-junior class-II place ,

While this show there was herding test too.
Funny, Phoebe and Pretoria had taken part in it and all of them passed
Herding Instinct Test (PIP)!!! Judged Mrs Sárka Gavendova from CR.

National Dog show-Chorzów 14.09.2008
Judge Bożena Czempas (PL)

PRETORIA Di Trevi-junior class-I place, Junior Winner, Best Junior

National Dog Show I Gr. FCI Łódź 20.09.2008
judge Olga Dolejsova (Czechy)

PHOEBE Di Trevi-junior class - I place, Junior Winner, Best Junior
PRETORIA Di Trevi-junior class - II place

Polish Club Show Łódź 21.09.2008
judge Marie France Varlet (France)

PHOEBE Di Trevi-junior class-I place
PRETORIA Di Trevi-junior class-II place

International Dog show Wrocław 27.09.2008

judge Willemine van Deijl (Netherland)
PHOEBE Di Trevi-junior class-excellent I-st

New photos of Piero you can see in his gallery.


A lot of new pictures of Funny , Pretoria and Phoebe.

Photos from the meeting Pretoria, Phoebe, Zahir and Funny you can see in Gallery. Thanks Aga for those beautiful pictures :)


Dog Show Nowy Targ-17.08.2008

Today at the show in Nowy Targ Phoebe has great first start in young class and she got I excellent and titles: Junior Winner, Best Junior, Best of Breed :).


National Show Będzin

Very nice succes of Pretoria. At this show she got I excellent and titles: Junior Winner Best Junior and Best of Breed!. While final competitions Pretoria was selected from Juniors Gr.I and she qualified to the final of Best in Show Junior :) Congratulations for Pretoria and Patricia :D

Funny, Pretoria, Phoebe photos were added


National Show Nowy Sącz

Pretoria for the first time in young class got I excellent, Junior Winner and Best Junior. Congratulations :)


During the National Show in Ustron Phoebe in puppy class got very promising I and Best Puppy, Funny in champion class - I excellent, CWC, Best Female in Breed !


On International Show in Cracov Pretoria in puppy class- I very promising, Best Puppy. Congratulations :)

New photos of Phoebe


While Club Show in Czech Republic Phoebe in the puppy class very promising 1st Best Puppy and on the final competitions won BEST IN SHOW PUPPY !, Funny this day in champion class got exc.II and res.CAC Judged Mr Benoit Thevenon (France). Next day it was Speciality Show- Phoebe very promising III in puppy class, Funny very good, III place in champion class/ Judged Mrs Janice Clifford from GB.

New photos of Pompiere


During the National Show in Bytom Pretoria at her first show, in puppy class very promissing I, Best Puppy :) Congrtatulations to owner and handler:)


While Show in Dobre Miasto Piero took part in agility demonstration. Congratulations first public appearance :)


New photos in galleries of Philander and Phoebe

New Gallery Spring 2008


On National Dog Show in Ostrava (CR) Phoebe has her first show in baby class, Funny in champion class got excellent II and resCAC


New photos of Pretoria, Phoebe and Pompiere

               Meetings Gallery was updated


New photos from Pretoria


New photos of Phoebe



"P" litter page has been added


Photos of 8 weeks old puppies were added


Today Funny's brother-Zahir and his owner visited us. Photos from this meeting you can see here

New Gallery: Meetings

Photos-pups and winter


Puppies have already 4 weeks


New photos of puppies- 2 weeks old


Puppies from Funny and Rival have been born. We have two males and two females


Funny is pregnant!


Funny has been mated to Rival de la Fureur du Crepuscule


On National Show in Będzin Funny in champion class again excellent I-st CWC, Best Female, Best of Breed!


While National Show in Ustron Funny won champion class and got CWC (CAC), Best Female and BOB :)