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Reja di Trevi
(Ch.Funny Srebrzysty Smrek x s.Ch.Baitu Balpoa)



        Best Of Group I for Really Lilly di Trevi !!!          

National Dog Show Ustroń 3.07.2011, judge Ewa Pyrchała (Pl)
Raven di Trevi - excellent I-st, Junior Winner,
Really Lilly di Trevi - excellent I-st, Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB, BOG I
Phoebe di Trevi - excellent I-st, CWC, Best Female

Congrats to the owners ! :)


National Show Zabrze, judge Anna Kochan (Pl)
Pretoria di Trevi - Excellent I-st, CWC, BOS, Best of Breed = POLISH CHAMPION


Happy 1st Birthday R Litter Puppies!

Raven Rock'n'Roll Really Lilly Ricotta Ruletka Reja

Rank 2010

Phoebe di Trevi

I place & Best Groenendael

Really Lilly di Trevi

II place Baby GR


Phoebe's official title IntCh


5.03.2011, Victory Show Bratislava, judge Jaroslav Matyas (Sk)
Phoebe di Trevi kl. championów-Excellent II, 2 x resCAC


New photos and movies from everyday life:
Play with Frisbee
Winter walks
Pics from family meeting here


Our Reindeer - winner pics in photo competition "Christmas'BS"

More photos from christmas here


Family Di Trevi Kalendar 2011 is complete
Thanks the owners for sending beautiful pictures - look out for christmas box soon... ;)


Fantastic Phoebe's result in Nitra!

21.11.2010-Nitra CACIB (SK), judge Petr Rehanek (CR)
Phoebe di Trevi champion class- Excellent I-st, CAC, CACIB, BOB=Interchampion C.I.E.


Family meeting and International Dog Show Kielce

13.11.2010-CACIB Kielce, judge Andrzej Stępiński (PL)
Really Lilly di Trevi puppy cl.- very promising I-st, Best Puppy
Pretoria di Trevi open cl.- excellent I-st
Phoebe di Trevi champion cl.- excellent I-st

Really (6 months), Phoebe(3 years),Pretoria (3 years)


3-rd Birthday of our P Litter. All the best for you our sweetest :)

Pretoria Phoebe Pompiere Philander


Last weekend for the first time little Really set paw on show ring and back home with beautiful description :)
10.10.2010-National Dog Show Legionowo, judge Andrzej Tyburczyk(PL)
Really Lilly di Trevi- very promising I-st, Best Baby

Walk in autumn colors
More photos >>


A lot of new photos in galleries:
Litter R
Litter R-movies
Holidays 2010

I hope you'll enjoy them :)


Raven and his cat :)


We had a very nice meeting with sweet Really and her family. Thank You for wanderful care to our little girl
Photos from puppy play here

Ruletka di Trevi & Really Lilly di Trevi
4 miesiące


25.07.2010-CACIB Split, Croatia, judge Sunisa Cujan(HR)
Phoebe di Trevi-I excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB

24.07.2010-CAC Split, Croatia, judge Phyllis Poduschka Aigner (A)
Phoebe di Trevi-I excellent, CAC, BOS, BOB

23.07.2010-CACIB Split, Croatia, judge George Schogol (GE)
Phoebe di Trevi-I doskonała, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB

22.07.2010-CACIB Split, Croatia, sedzia Agnes Ganami Kertes(Izr)
Phoebe di Trevi- VG


Puppies are already in theirs new homes. I want to thank owners for sending me messages, relations and photos :) One sweet female is still with us and looking for new home, she was selected for sport so we are looking for people who are interested in some training with dog More info >

When Funny was carring her babbies, her older children presented with nice results on shows and competitions:

4.07.2010-CAC Ustroń, judge Anna Dzidt (PL)
Phoebe di Trevi-I excellent, CWC, NSWR, Best of Breed

Club Show of BS, Slovakia, judge Margaret Pratten (UK)
Phoebe di Trevi-I excellent, CAC= SK CHAMPION

National Show Będzin, judge Justyna Jezienicka-Kulig (PL)
Pretoria di Trevi-II excellent
National Dog Show Częstochowa, judge Grzegorz Robak (PL)
Pretoria di Trevi-I excellent, BOS
National Dog Show Ostrava, CR, judge Jaroslav Matyas (SK)
Pretoria di Trevi-I excellent, CAC

Great results of father our R litter-Baitu Balpoa

19.06.2010-CACIB Brno
I excellent, CAC,CACIB
15.05.2010-CACIB Bratysława
excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualification, BOB
16.05.2010 CACIB Bratysława
excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, MId&East EuWinner = GRAND CHAMPION SK

8.05.2010 Club Show Kamienny Mlyn, SK

Piero took part in agility competitions

Dobre Miasto, 09.05.2010
Agility + Jumping 0 lok.II
Bydgoszcz, 02.05.2010
Agility + Jumping 0 lok.II
Łąck, 20.03.2010
Agility + Jumping 0 exc.5


I 'm sorry for late updates, but having 6 sportive and ubiquitous puppies all my free time is for them :) Puppies find out world, meet lot of strange people, animals and noises, they also have no problem with traveling by car... We had a nice visit of theirs father and his owners, they have been vaccinated already, and despite warm weather passed first important test in theirs life-puppy aptitude test. Aktual photos of pupps you can find here-click


We have puppies!!!
Yesterday Funny born puppies-3 males and 4 females. She is an excellent mother and doesn't see anything beside her children :) And we too... :) First photos are on puppy site here :)

-All puppies are spoken for-


Last week it happened a lot. Phoebe took part in show on Slovakia, Funny went to trip to Baitu, mating was succesful and we hope everything will be ok :) Deatils on puppy page, and below results from Presov

CACIB Presov-East Cup 2010, judge Bodegard Goran (S)
Phoebe champion cl.-I excellent, CAC, resCACIB


23.01.2010, International Dog Show Trenčín, Slovakia, judge Milan Kadlecaj(SK)
Phoebe in champion class-I excellent, CAC, resCACIB

10.01.2010, National Dog Show Olomouc, Czech Republic, judge Alexandra Grygarová(CR)
Pretoria in open class- II excellent, resCAC

Rank 2009

Phoebe di Trevi
Top Groenendael Female 2009 in PL


Phoebe with nice results under judging of breed specialist finished this show seson :)

WORLD DOG SHOW, Bratislawa 8-12.10.2009
judge Benoit Thevenon (Fr)

Phoebe di Trevi(intermediate)-excellent II, resCAC

Slovakian speciality Show of BS 9.10.2009,
judge Villemine Van Deijl (NL)

Phoebe (intermediate)-excellent I-st, CAC

Baitu Balpoa-father of our planned litter both days got CAC and rCACIB on World Dog Show=Slovakian Champion.


Polish Champion Phoebe di Trevi

Dog Show Rybnik, 4.10.2009, judge Krystyna Szulc (PL)
Phoebe di Trevi-I excellent, CWC, Best of Sex, BOB!

While final competitions Phoebe was chosen to first 5 in BOG I. Thanks this results she passed all conditions and she is now Polish Champion. She did it before finish 2 years old!


When our girls were spending time on play with their black friends who visited us with theirs owners, Brandy with great results fought on show rings :)

International Dog Show Warsaw, judge Andrzej Zamoyski

Pretoria di Trevi- I-st, CWC, CACIB, Best Female



National Dog Show Ustroń-5.07.09,
Judge: Ewa Bukład (PL)
Phoebe di Trevi-excellent I-st, CWC, Best Female, Best of Breed
Bravo Phoebe :)


Piero has his first start in agility competition in Łódź photos ». We were with Phoebe on World Championschip FMBB in Roudnice (CR) Despite she was not in full coat, both days got excellent and nice descriptions :) Her results:
World Show-9.05.2009
Excellent V, judge Michel Griol (France)
Speciality Show-10.05.2009
Excellent III, judge Amanda McLaren (Great Britain)

Funny eyes- PRA/C negativ (clear)
Phoebe-Hips HD A, Elbows ED 0

Pretoria-Brandy with her owner took part in dogtrekking competition, this time in Złoty Stok with result 4h 15min and one day later they were on Dog Show in Bytom, Brandy got there excellent I-st, CWC and Best Female in Breed! for the first time in 'adult' intermediate class :)

Congratulations to you all


Pompiere di Trevi

New photos in Piero's galery »».


Pretoria di Trevi

New photos of Pretoria-Brandy »».


New photos of Funny and Phoebe, this time portraits, and also photos of our poodle Alma-let's see them in Gallery' :)


I decided to tide up my web site and remove a few unnecessary files, now she has a new design. I have a lot of photos of my blackies and also photos of Funny's children, so I will try update theirs galleries as soon as possible.I will start from my girls-theirs new photos you can find « here »

A few new Links were added


International Dog Show Katowice-22.03.2009

On XIV International Show in Katowice, Phoebe showed for the first time in intermediate class got first place, excellent, CWC, CACIB, Best Female, Best of Breed and Cruft's Qualification 2010!!!

International Dog Show Rzeszów -BOB for Phoebe

While International Show in Rzeszów Phoebe got excellent I-st, Junior Winner, Best Junior and Best of Breed! She finished conditions for become Polish Junior Champion

Ranking 2008

Phoebe Di Trevi
I place in Baby category of all varieties OB,
3 place in Groenendael Junior

Pretoria Di Trevi
II place in Baby category of all varieties OB,
II place in Groenendael Junior

New Photos Pretoria.
Winter photos of Funny and Phoebe you can see in gallery.
Feel invited to see them :)

New site of Pretoria- link

Archiwum ~2008 & 2007~