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About us...

We are a small kennel in South part of Poland. After our collie died we were looking for a new dog. It had to be a pastoral dog too. We choosed belgians becouse of theirs temperament, character and elegance. When Funny arrived to us, our life has definitely changed. Thanks to her we fell in love with this breed. Shows, training and breeding became our passion. Now I can't imagine me with different breed. In 2007 we had first litter in our kennel. All of the puppies have found new, loving owners. From this litter we stayed female and now we live with two black belgians creatures and one white poodle :) Our dogs live with us at home and they are part of our family. More about them you can find on theirs pages. It is very nice to us, that you visited our site.

Our kennel Di Trevi is registered at Kennel Club of Poland (ZKwP), which is the only polish organisation, recognised with FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale.